Have you ever wondered if you are really social? Or better, what does being social means? Usually when I have a doubt like this, I start from the word itself. I open a dictionary (strictly online) and read the definition. Social: Social, society; living in groups. We are all social, in our own way. We were born social.

And we are from the time we are children and we play in a group, made up of other children like us. Sociability is part of our lives: when we grow up, when we study, when we work, when we take coffee in the morning and sip having a chat with the barman.

As a matter of fact, Facebook and other social networks, have not added that much more. We say things to a few thousand more people, we may not even know really. And maybe social networks have taken away something we now try to recover.

The pleasure of knowing each other and talk, face to face. The use of the five senses, those we use when we hear a voice that speaks to us, or when we look at a person’s eyes.

Why do I tell you all this? Because today I met Maurizio. He too is social, indeed, as we love to call us, is a social media dude. One of those who just need a connection and a computer to work, one of those who uses words incomprehensible to the average. Maurizio, along with four other colleagues, is the founder of The Social Table. Today I will tell his story.

romagna social food

Photo credits Cinefood

Few people, who do not know each other, but they have in common interests. Each table with up to 8 people, a circuit of the city restaurants. The beauty lies in this: a real experience, with real people sitting together in the same table with a single purpose: to chat comfortably eating good food, just like the old days in restaurants, where there were small tables but even larger ones, and you would sit next to a stranger.

The Social Table welcomes you and allows you to say who you are, what you like, what interests you and how you love to spend your free time. Then processes the data and brings together people based on their preferences. Good food: this is the starting point. And in Ravenna, pilot city of the first event, you can find it!

Photo credits Cinefood

It’s called Social Food Experience. The questionnaire is very detailed and allows you to tell what you do not want to talk about. An automated system tells you 24 hours before, the place and time of the dinner. You do not know who will be sitting next to you, but you know for sure that it will be a real experience.

Photo credits Cinefood

TheSocialTable is a startup and like any adventure of this kind, we do not know where it will go, nor how it will evolve. Maurizio thinks big but with feet on the ground. He would like to export the format in other cities of Emilia Romagna. And then who knows. But the interesting thing about this group of IT and creative young people, is that they have rediscovered the need to start from the conviviality, the real one made up of people who meet, know and talk, using digital tools they have mastered and know by heart, strengths and weaknesses included.

And waiting to cross Maurizio The Social Table and the team, remember that being social means smile, feel, hear. Just as you do listening Romagna with my eyes and my stories.




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