I’m a curious girl, I have always been, that is why, after some years wondering around some jobs I was not fit for, I decided to work in the communication area. I like writing that is why my jobs (yes I work for several companies) are about writing things, not always the kind I like, but this is life! That is why this is my special place, where me and only me can decide.

Here you will find stuffs about the region I’m living in, Romagna, a quiet surprising one! But also my travelaroundtheworld histories.

Travelling is my Kharma, as I wrote in the welcome page, but it took me a long time to understand that. I travelled through my years doing interesting things, meeting lots of wonderful people and visiting lots of places. Then I stopped: I needed to stop and think, or better I was forced to stop. Now I start a new travel, but I do not want to be “a sheep in the herd”: I want to see, to know, to smell with my own eyes, not just following someone else’s whistle. Follow me and enjoy my adventures!

Alessandra Catania

This is me!

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