A nice, gentle man, with a lovely smile and an overwhelming talent: this is Silver Succi, the resident chef at QuartoPiano Suite Restaurant.

I had the chance to meet him two years ago at Almeni, the food Circus of Chef Massimo Bottura, and I was surprised by his way of working. An excellent technique is hidden behind a simple and precise flow of steps. The result: a dish with its personality that speaks to you at first bite.

My pleasure went beyond this: he took his time to explain to me how he realized some particular steps to obtain that special taste.

Silver comes from long experience. Gualtiero Marchesi was one of his teachers, he learned how to manage the nouvelle cuisine in the ‘80s but, like a good child of Emilia Romagna, he found his way, starting from the magnificent products of this land, between sea and hills.

A pure, unconditioned love: this is the philosophy underneath the dishes of this smiling chef. Taste, technique, a very deep knowledge of the local food and tradition, are only the base. But the plus of this chef is his approach: simple, discreet and welcoming.

10 years of elegance: the special place of Silver Succi

And I was so happy to watch him work, last night. Ten years, after he took over the Quarto Piano Restaurant, a gorgeous, elegant place where his creativity and fantasy grew along the years.


Ten years that deserved a very special night, with 5 chefs and some other excellence of Emilia Romagna (and not only) gathered to party together. Claudio di Bernardo, Gianluca Gorini, Vincenzo Cammerucci, and Angelo Troiani.

This night, Quarto Piano opened the backdoor garden, set with 7 gourmet points and five areas, each one dedicated to one of each chef. Moreover, the cocktails of Charles Flamminio, the wines of Tenuta Santa Lucia, Tenuta Colombarda and Podere Vecciano and the beer Amarcord.

Keep it simple: how to discover a new taste

No better chance than this evening to discover how your taste can be surprised. Even a simple slice of chicken can be the best you have ever eaten. Ask to Chef Gorini, who created a soya mayo with pinewood essence to garnish his chicken, or to Chef Angelo Troiani who used hemp butter to garnish his Pappardella filled with Ricotta cheese. 

What is surprisingly true for each of them is the combination of ideas and perfect knowledge of techniques and products. Let’s leave our creativity free and catch the ideas that can come from everywhere and join it with what we have caught in years of experience. Always with a humble view that keeps with your feet on the ground.

This is Quarto Piano Philosophy: a place where everyone can find his way to live a food experience.

Disclosure: a huge thank to Filippo Fabbri of Agenzia Prima Pagina for inviting me and a to Chef Succi for letting me experience one of his masterpieces.






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