21 Grammy, traveling Romagna with my eyes

A virtual space born in September 2012 and dedicated to the region where I live, Romagna. A travel blog that has the personal style of the diaries of the great travelers. Why 21grammy? It is said to be the weight of the soul, I took it as an invitation to write and talk about everything in a gentle and light way, with the eyes of those who live a new territory but did not have roots, moving to follow our own instincts and his own curiosity.

What can I do for you

Every day I go to discover its stories, its people, places, colors, flavors and history. And I find that small companies with passion and love keep alive this territory with their products, with the wines, with objects but also with the architectural, historical, landscape and natural.

In these years I worked with several Tourism boards, private societies, Hotels, Restaurants, municipalities and cultural association to realise special projects and help them promote their destination or event. Blog tours, Social Media Campaigns, Press Office, these are the things I can help you to manage your activity.

In these two years I developped an International Network of trusted bloggers who are wonderful story tellers, both in terms of writing and in media content production and Social Media.

alessandracatania@21grammy.com Contact me if you want to plan your campaign using the Bloggers view or just let me know if you want me to visit your place or activity.

The dream team of Romagna Diffusa

The dream team of Romagna Diffusa

My projects

Cesenatico Bella Vita International Blog Tour 2013 and 2014

Thirty international Bloggers around Cesenatico. Selection of bloggers, planning of the program , logistical coordination , public relations, territorial evangelist of bloggers. Project carried out on behalf of the Union of Cesenatico Bella Vita

Romagna Diffusa: June 2013

Five international bloggers between Tuscan Romagna and Malatesta area and surroundings . Project in collaboration of the Associazione Alberghi Diffusi, and the hotels Al Vecchio Convento and Le Case Antiche. Ten days to explore the less explored areas of Romagna, many live experiences involving bloggers in person ( processing antique frame , truffle hunting , preparation of bread , pastry and pasta preparation of typical regional oil tasting and much other), following the motto ” at the hotel as a home “, where they lived in the area and fully integrated with the locals.

Settimana del Buonvivere Blog Tour 2013 and 2014

Seven bloggers exploring the area of Forlì and Cesena, during the Settimana del Buonvivere event. Among the activities planned harvest in the vineyard, the laboratory of cosmetic, wine and cofee tasting and much more.  Project realized for Lega Coop Forlì-Cesena.

Atrium Blog Tour: October 2013

Six bloggers to explore the rationalist architecture between 20’s and 40’s of Forlì, Castrocaro, Predappio, Cesenatico, Forlimpopoli. Project realized for Forlì Civil Council and for the international route Atrium.

Instagram Local Community Manager

Since Summer 2014, I am the Igers Forlì-Cesena Admin and realise various projects to use this media for marketing and promotion purposes.You can contact me at igersfc@gmail.com.

Invasioni Digitali Ambassador for Emilia Romagna

A cultural project created by Fabrizio Todisco and Marianna Marcucci, which wants to highlight cultural sites such as little museum, cultural sites and others mostly when they are completely unknown.I will care about the projects taking place in Romagna mainly. For info http://www.invasionidigitali.it/en

If you want to invite me to visit your town, your event, your area, alone or with other bloggers, please email me at alessandracatania@21grammy.com


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