I always thought that the days dedicated to remember a special event, would become less and less special, when time is passing by. As a result, they oversimplify matters that instead deserve a daily attention. Every day is the day for something special! Something to remember, something to think about, something to change. I recently discovered that there is a calendar of international special days, where there is practically everything, including the day of the tapir and the one about whiskey.

When this episode will be on air, the Women’s Day will already be in memory. Thus, today, instead of remembering what we should never forget, we will tell a beautiful story, full of beauty and art; made up of many threads that intertwine and become fashionable. Made by a line!

forli romagna ricamo

Patrizia is an art daughter. She had the chance to choose what she wanted to do in her life. Her mother Dina began to embroider as a young girl. In those days, the 50s, young brides had their wedding trousseau done by hand: sheets, tablecloths, towels. Fine hand embroidery. And in that Dina was very good. She started in this way and she got much further, beginning a lifelong adventure. Today Dina is 83 and does no more embroiders. Patrizia has remained in the company, conquered by the beauty of the lines and the wonderful creations that many designers over the years have made with the lace produced in the farm.

Here lives beauty. The lab hosts many machines: small mechanical hands that make the wire become precious lace. Manual intervention is still done, although much less than once, but the result, even if you cannot see it, it is truly spectacular.

romagna forlì ricamo

I’m fascinated to see the machines at work. They are hypnotizing. My mother was embroidering. And as I watch the meters and meters of lace that comes out from the machines, I think back to when I used to sit at her feet while she, patient and meticulous, embroidered my trousseau. But here the fashion lives. Here come the great designers who draw first and then ask Patrizia to transform their artwork into reality.

Listening to Patrizia, I remember of the pictures of the drawings, the ones copied from magazines on tissue paper, box of cottons and colored sets, fine needles and my mother’s bowed on the canvas.

I have not celebrated March 8. Because I do it every day. Telling Dina and Patrizia stories. Because the threads of their embroideries are those that bind all women.


Disclosure: The images of this post were taken during an exhibition that Arte e Ricamo did in Forlì in March. I would like to thank Patrizia and Isabella, her assistant and style office manager, for giving me the chance to visit their office and tell their story.



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  1. Paulo    

    Complimenti per la tua dedizione e mantenere una storia così bella ancora viva, i tuoi pezzi sono uno spettacolo !!

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