Early in the morning Cesenatico is ready to open its eyes, little by little.

I’m arriving at Les Bains Residence, my house for the three days of Cesenatico Bellavita International Blog Tour. A nice little house just behind the Cesenatico famous skyscraper, where Paolo and his family welcome me as an old friend.

les bains cesenatico

My room is more than I could ever imagined: quite an apartment, which is the special aspect of this place. A big kitchen, a dining room and a very comfortable bath with a nice welcome bath kit. What should I ask for more?

Just the time to leave my stuffs and I’m out, walking in the clear and silent atmosphere of the morning. It’s Friday and in may the flow of tourists is not that much (try this place in July and August and the mood will be very different!). Sun is somewhere, hidden behind clouds, which is quite uncommon for this season. I still remember when I used to have free days with high school friends to go to the beach and catch the first real sun, after winter!

But now clouds seem to be ready to poor rain on us.

pouring rain in cesenatico

Walking in Cesenatico is always an experience: the new Grand Hotel, with its Liberty glamour and its rose and white façade, is the first wonder you see if you are in the skyscraper area, which is also the part where “fine middle class” people used to have their holidays houses in the 10’s! This building, recently well restored, gives you the immediate idea of gorgeous past times where beautiful ladies used to stay here on holidays.

grand hotel cesenatico1

The main boulevard, viale Carducci is a freshy and lively place to stroll: nice fashion shops and little cafè to sit down and have your Cappuccino, read the local newspapers or just listen to the chats of the old men sitting there! I assure that, even if you do not understand, you will enjoy the gestures!

yuri cesenatico SONY DSC tezuk cesenatico

At the end of the boulevard you will have your first meeting with one of the most astonishing piece of art of Cesenatico: the antic channel with the harbor. In the opposite side you will see the new harbor, which I told you about in a recent post.

The ancient lighthouse is standing right on the right; it is still working since Cesenatico fishing fleet is still very big and also the private harbor has quite a number of sail boats.

cesenatico light house

It was activated in 1892 and stands a little bit further of the ancient Pretorian tower!

torre pretoria cesenatico

The light station belongs to the low block typology, the most common over the Italian coasts. It comprises a two-story keeper’s quarters building and a tower and is approximately 18 meter high. The presence of three framed windows to light up the spiral staircase that leads up to the cylindrical lantern further characterizes the building. The frame of the lantern is reinforced with diagonal astragals and is surrounded by a circular balcony with metal railing. The keeper’s quarters building, no longer housing any staff today, is plastered in yellow. The facade is simply decorated with horizontal bands, some frames to mark the openings, and crown moulding. Although the lighthouse is operational, it is not manned at present. It has recently undergone restoration. The main building of the lighthouse was inhabited by the staff lighthouse keeper and currently houses the Office of the Coast Guard Maritime, after being the subject of a recent restoration work.

The lighthouse looks to the typical “casoni” or fishing houses, once places to stay and try to get something to eat, now chic locations to spend some free time!

At the final end of the channel you will also find some interesting places to go and have lunch on the beach or an “aperitivo” in the evening.

mare at cesenatico

Marè restaurant!

Dark clouds are gone and I finally enjoy the sunset!

the moon in cesenatico


Disclaimer: this post was written during the Cesenatico Bella Vita Blog Tour, organised by the Cesenatico Bella Vita Hotel Union! Thanks to all the hotels who hosted the bloggers and offered such nice days!



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  1. Reiseblogger    

    That looks like a real nice place in beautiful italy, maybe I’ll visit it this summer. 🙂

    1. sheep21alessandra    

      Hi, thanks for the comment! Feel free to ask me more, about this destination, and keep on following my wondering sheep:))

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