In the last year, since I gave birth to 21grammy, I discovered the “sunny side of the street”. Being a blogger is always fun and, for sure, a good way to live part of my life. And here’s my new story, something I could have never done if I weren’t a blogger.

Have you ever dreamed to sail with an old boat as in an Ernest Hemingway tale? Watching the line of sunset in the middle of the quiet sea, with the wind on your face? Well, it is not so hard to accomplish, at least if you are in Cesenatico.

It’s a sunny Sunday morning, the weather today is giving us a break after two days of half rain and I am thrilled to make this new experience: being on an ancient boat that sailed the sea till one century ago! One of those boats that I have always seen in Cesenatico harbor when I was a child, with their colored sails and their mysterious symbols that I was not able to understand till now.

The old boats in Cesenatico are also part of the Sea Museum

The old boats in Cesenatico are also part of the Sea Museum

On Saturday our guide Dalia of the Museo della Marineria gave us a special lesson about the old sea traditions and boats. Every color, every sign, and every object had a true meaning and a precise aim: have a good fishing harvest, being protected in the sailing, remembering something from home!

Dalia, a very professional guide

Dalia, a very professional guide

This morning we will sail with the “Barchet”: almost 21 meters, built in 1936 to carry wares, mainly. Coal, wood, stone, gravel, sand, water melons, flour and, finally, even cement and often wine barrels, that, notwithstanding the police seals, cheered up the seamen.

The departure from the harbor!

The departure from the harbor!

Our sailor!

Our sailor!

Well, you know what? The boats of the floating section of the museum are NEVER used except for the annual Sposalizio del mare (Sea wedding cerimony) when everyone go to thank the sea for the fishing harvest and for the luck in being safe!

That means that we will live a unique experience!

Our Barchet ready to leave!

Our Barchet ready to leave!

These boats are precious, that is why this morning we will have a special crew, made by old people still able to “drive” the Barchet in a safe way. The deck can carry only 20 people and the space on board is not so much. Excited and worried at the same time, we step in! Kiba, the little dog of Sara is the only human not worried!

I'm not afraid!

I’m not afraid!

kiba having fun

And then, yes, we are leaving! The view from the boat is really very different and even if it’s big, it seems like we are bare in the sea, almost touching the water. The sea is a little bit stormy and we are going up and down like fools! It’s hard to take photos standing but I immediately feel the serendipity, the pleasure to feel the contact with the nature and with myself. Now I can understand why so many people love to go sailing on their own or with friends. It’s a unique sensation!

The view from the boat!

The view from the boat!

me in cesenatico copia

Me! Photo by my dear friend Asgeir Pedersen!

Just to enjoy, a gallery of my friend bloggers:)

Time is running, our adventure is almost at the end! We are entering the harbor again, with a crowd waving us and watching this weird caravan of people on the Barchet! I really would like to stay on and leave away again, but I had my chance!

Thanks to Cesenatico Bella Vita Union!

Disclaimer: this post was written during the Cesenatico Bella Vita Blog Tour, organised by the Cesenatico Bella Vita Hotel Union! Thanks to all the hotels who hosted the bloggers and offered such nice days!



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  1. halfwhiteboy    

    such charm these boats have. they’re really cute and full of character 🙂


    1. sheep21alessandra    

      Thanks for the comment. It was a pleasure to have you visiting this blog! Keep on following me!

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