If I look out of my window, I see trees, green fields and hills. Sometimes even some deer eating their breakfast and then toddling away fast. Everyday. I turn on my coffee machine and I enjoy the show. A bored you may say. Sometimes it may be. Time seems to stand still. The view of those of you who live in these places, those outside of the city, for instance, changes with the changing of the seasons, with the changing of the way we see and even of our mood. Small details, colors, the light that lands on a leaf moving around, sounds. In Romagna there is a circuit that connects the houses in which some poets lived: Pascoli, Panzini, Oriani, Saffi, Monti, Serra and Moretti.

They, too, looked out, and then, with their back to the world, left their thoughts on paper.

Marino Moretti: a view on Cesenatico

Marino Moretti was born in Cesenatico. In a small house of fishermen, overlooking the harbor channel. You may have seen it in the thousands of photos circulating on the Internet, just googling around. The harbor of Cesenatico and its relationship with Leonardo da Vinci are famous.

The canal and its historic boats with colorful sails and hulls adorned with symbols, in between religion and superstition. From the window of his living room, Marino watched the life of a fishing village: the fishing boats return, early in the morning, the buyers voices, the screams of the gulls waiting for their food, the women of the village with their bikes and wicker baskets with fresh fish to be delivered in the surrounding countryside.

Today I am here! And I see the port channel from the same window Moretti looked at life. Maybe with a cup of coffee in his hand.

Manuela is the director of the museum and care about it since 1995. Yes, because in this house almost everything is as it was at that time. Visiting the rooms brings us back to the early years of the century, those who already anticipated the dark days of First World War times. Marino was a backward, reserved man but has been able to create perfect feminine soul portraits.

The history of Andreana

The house has two floors, like all the fishermen’s houses. A small garden with a few trees for the summer holidays and some bushes, the reception room with the library, the kitchen and the bedrooms upstairs. A small secluded world from which he defined his characters.

I’ve never read anything by Moretti. And I would have no reason to talk about him here. Except for a childhood memory, when the TV for all the children was the Carosello (an Italian advertising interlude before prime time shows), before going to sleep. Yet there was some exception, I was sometimes allowed to watch some TV shows. We would call them fiction, nowadays. With mum and dad. One of these, was the Andreana, a novel by Marino Moretti, which told the story of a woman and her courage facing life’s adversities.

The Andreana places are gone. The factories processing fish even. The beach has a long row of beach resorts and also the canal has lost its original tract, although early in the morning, you can meet old fishermen intent on carrying out maintenance work on their boats or having a chat.

But since then for me Cesenatico is Andreana’s gaze out to sea, just as the bronze statue which stands on the dock, on the left bank of the canal. A woman holding on to her son’s hand and watching the sea, waiting. It’s the breeze whipping my face, my eyes closed listening to the sea, is every day’s fatigue, and the fishermen adjusting the colored fishing networks.



The house of Marino Moretti is on the canal. It’s opened every saturday and sunday, 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm. From July 1st until August 31st, it’s opened every day, 4030 pm – 10.30 pm

The entrance is free.

Via Marino Moretti, 1

47042 Cesenatico FC – Italia
tel. 0547-79279



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