I remember. I remember when I was a child. Pic nic was a magic word. It meant adventure. My mother used to prepare all kinds of food. The car was a mini house: chairs, table, a big umbrella for the sun and everything else we could use to have our best day.

scamporella cesena emilia romagna

Time stopped for one slow day, happily spent playing, eating and sleeping, enjoying my childhood! Lot of years passed since then, and what a surprise for me, last night, at Scamporella. The happiness and relaxed sensation of that time came out again, under the quiet of an olive tree!

More than a picnic, more than a winery

It’a matter of fact that wine is not only a drink to get along with happy moments. More and more people want to know what’s behind a glass of wine, and, on the other hands, vineyards know that selling their wine is more complicated than going to a market. Wine marketing goes through different kinds of actions that aim to let people know how you grow your wine, how you produce it and why it is different from another.

Tasting is the first step, an emotional one, especially if you have the chance to do this with the producer in its own place.

But more than this, living the place will complete your tasting experience, watching the colors of the grapes that change with the light of the sunset, just lying on the ground, maybe with a special company.

In the recent years many vineyards started to organize events: special evenings, under the stars, where people can eat something special (dinner or just appetizers or paninos), enjoying wine, fresh air and summer. I’ve been to some of them, but nothing is comparable to Scamporella.

Scamporella: Cesena the center of Romagna

For those who do not understand Italian, Scamporella is just a funny word to pronounce. But the original word, “camporella” and the expression “andare in camporella” means having a love affair in a country field. Enrico Giunchi (owner of Terre di Giunchi vineyard) and Andrea Cappelletti (event organizer) took this rustic concept and transformed it in The Event of Romagna.

emilia romagna scamporella cesena

The meeting point is at the vineyard. We arrive at sunset. The instructions on their Facebook page are very clear. We will be carried on a tractor, carrying some wagons.

I’ve there many times before and I know the place well enough to understand that this brilliant idea will avoid me and the guests to climb until the olive trees field.

scamporella emilia romagna cesena

The carriages, originally used for grapes and fruit, are a bit high, but comfortable enough to make the short trip until the main building. A restored country house where you can find a nice welcoming set. Yes, it seems like an old 50’s American film with sofas in red and white checkered, white ballons, black board and sweet objects for a home made atmosphere.

scamporella cesena emilia romagna

Photo Credits Scamporella

I see Enrico. It’s always nice to talk with a good wine producer. He tells me that there is a well prepared staff behind this event and the settings are prepared by a professional girl. Me and my friend have no hurry. Scamporella is under reservation only, so no need to hurry to take a place.

The list of people is really long. And it’s fantastic to be one of the lucky ones. The waiting list counts over 2000 people!

Andrea Cappelletti shuttles from the kitchen and the courtyard to bring the picnic basket. Everything is perfectly organized and this gives me the reason why this event has become so famous.

“Why don’t you use an online booking system?” I asked Enrico. “Just because I want to talk with everyone personally and explain, personal contact is the thing that make all this work and I know every person that is coming”. This is Enrico Giunchi, a true man from Romagna, even if he underlines that the success of Scamporella comes from a very well prepared staff.

picnic scamporella cesena

A lovely girl gives us the basket and two girls lead us to our tree, number 27.

A white table cloth, two comfortable pillows and a small box like a table.

Me and my friend Emanuela

Me and my friend Emanuela

baloons scamporella cesena


The basket contains a small appetizer: cheese, pizza, chees muffin, salame, just to begin. Wine, red or white, is free, but you can choose beer.

Our tree is a shared one, a lovely couple is on the other side, but we barely hear what they say. Sun is slowly going down and the lights are making the olive trees a natural protection. No one is shouting or talk high volume, everyone is just chatting, face to face, enjoying the night.

scamporella by night

And the time is passing, slow, quiet and calm, while the staff is keep on bringing food, our dinner, with discretion, elegance and a gentle smile.


By the way, food is cared by a very good restaurant that prepares every dish with local products and recipes.


scamporella emilia romagna

Photo credits Scamporella

Scamporella is not a common event, is something that reminds our good memories, whatever they are and inspire our good thoughts.

The philosophy of Terre Giunchi, an honest and true wine yards that represents the real Romagna.


Disclosure: I would like to thanks Enrico Giunchi and Andrea Cappelletti for the warm welcome and the special night.


If you want to book, visit the Facebook Page,

Or the web site,

Remember you can only book by phone, so please, be patient. It worth!



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