Not far from the coast of Rimini, you can find a charming hills line, sweet, green and yellow. A landscape very similar to the one you can see in Tuscany, but still much more true and authentic. The road that goes from the town to the hills passes along some little boroughs: Coriano, Morciano, Gemmano, Monte Colombo.


Many visitors are surprised Valconca for the beauty of its countryside and its landscapes, where the sea is always present and the mountains, even the most distant, are always part of the horizon. The Conca valley is a place where the land still has a crucial role in determining the beauty of the whole; a beauty which also gives importance to the valley like that of the river Marano (is the third in importance in the Rimini valley) and valleys Ventena of Gemmano and Saludecio, small but extraordinary from a naturalistic point of view.

Valconca: dreaming landscapes

A unique valley for some aspects: so sweet and so wild at the same time, where the main characteristic is the harmony that survives between human activities and nature activities, including historical settlements, agriculture and areas left to the vegetation spontaneous.

Photo Credits I Muretti

Beatrice and Nicolò. Photo Credits I Muretti

Beatrice and Nicolò live here since they were children. Bea used to walk barefeet in the garden, go finding herbs, feeding the animals, climbing the trees. Nicolò, apparently the serious guy of the couple, studied at the university and decided to travel the world, before starting his “real life”. A concentrate of passion and enthusiasm that is hard to find in young people working in the agriculture field.

rimini i muretti wine

Nespola Photo Credits I Muretti

Life can be hard here: guests must be welcomed in the best way, grapes must be harvested, vegetables must be cared and animals (a lovely sheep, a donkey and some chickens) must be fed. It’s a full time job that must be done every day.

And still the welcoming smile of Beatrice and Nicolò is the first and the last thing you will remember, if you visit the place.

In 1994 their father saw the house. Lost in the middle of the country, a paradise to share with the family and not only. A slow process that ended in 2004 when the place was finally bought.

I Muretti (the small walls) is a restaurant, a bed and breakfast, a vineyard. Not a unique experience in the area but for sure a unique in its history and in the background philosophy of the family, the same that Beatrice and Niccolò are carrying out since a couple of years. Tradition, art, culture, past and new traditions.


A chain of concepts, five different colors, and a true authentic thinking: be in the present with an eye to the past, to create new traditions.

The creation of a vineyard is their project. Wine production has always been a tradition here, mainly for a self-consume. In the years vineyards have been abandoned, but still alive. Nicolò, who got a university degree in horticulture, decided to integrate this lost activity with his passion.

I Muretti: the philosophy of new tradition

Wine is the true expression of a territory. This is the idea that stands behind the wine line of I Muretti that only grow autochthone grape varieties: Sangiovese, Albana, Rebola.

Wine here is made in the field, with an accurate observation of the grapes on the tree, in order to understand the real maturation point, following the seasonal evolution. A young production, but with a proud personality that stands in its clear smells and taste: Brigante, Ulone, Libera and Complice. A set that inspires the history of Romagna with a new attitude and a modern cellar that Niccolò built, following his experiences around the word. The cellar is completely underground, unveiled to visitors eyes and well protected so as to keep the right temperature for the wine. The landscape remains untouched and the wine does not suffer.

cellar i muretti rimini

wines i muretti rimini emilia romagna

My tasting advice? Ulone, the Sangiovese, and Brigante, the white wine Rebola, are for sure the best experience you may have, especially with a simple light meal, based on Mora romagnola Salumi (an autoctone variety of pig) and cheeses (done by local producers) and the tasty vegetables omelette of Ilia (a lovely kind lady which is the mother of Beatrice and Nicolò and cares about the kitchen of the restaurant).

i muretti brigante emilia romagna rimini

Ulone is a fresh red wine, with red fruits smell, a true Sangiovese made by harvesting grapes by hand and letting them fall directly in the vats of the cellar, so that they remain untouched. Brigante is a perfumed white wine, a dreamy one, special with the Adriatic sea fish but also alone. It’s the right wine to taste in special evenings with friends.

Beatrice and Nicolò are full of energy, even in the night. To welcome all their friends and guests, they organize Lunatica, a very special night, under the stars, live music, wine and a special meal, tasted on hay bales, simple wooden tables and the small and romantic lights of a country yard party, where friendship and emotions take all the worries away!

Lunatica. Photo Credits I Muretti

Lunatica. Photo Credits I Muretti


Beatrice and Nicolò are available every day for a special visit to the cellar, just contact them and they will be glad to welcome you. I Muretti is also restaurant and bed and breakfast, you can find all the info on their website,

I Muretti is also EVO Oil and special sauces made by secret recipes with fruit and vegetables of the place!

Lunatica, is held almost every Friday, but only on summer, please check their Facebook page to get details!

This is also the link to reach them. It’s quite easy but remember you need a car to get there.

Follow them on Facebook,, and Instagram,

Disclosure: I would like to thank Beatrice and Nicolò for the special visit and the welcoming atmosphere. The time spent with them was a blessing. I would like to thank Ilia, too, the lovely mother that is the absolute queen of the kitchen, a true azdora of Romagna, with the smile always on!



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