Snow keeps on falling down; it always amazes me, like a little child who first sees this white fluffy stuff covering and purifying everything around. I had quite a busy working morning, but decided to go out, take my car and drive some kilometers up, towards Tuscany border and visit some places I knew, just to see them in a different way. It was the mountain’s voice calling me! “Only few steps to have all this beauty”, I thought!
I live here!


Into the Forest of Foreste Casentinesi for a stroll

But not so far from me, there’s one of the biggest European wild parks: Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona e Campigna. It’s a long name for a huge, deep and enchanting ancient forest, between Romagna and Tuscany.

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Entering the Park!










And, as all the forests, she has her secrets, her stories to tell, and also a very strong spiritual soul.
I drive very slow, trying to catch every single view of the mountains that are surrounding the street, luckily enough, no one’s there, snow keeps everyone home, and it’s quite weird, for this is one of the main streets linking Romagna and Tuscany.
It’s amazing how snow changes the details of a landscape, making you understand what the nature did and what man destroyed! Living here in old times wasn’t easy: cold for most time of the year, no chance to work and grow vegetables; the only chance was to thanks for the poor food that mountains were able to give: chestnuts to make flour, cows to have some milk, wood to be warm!


The old mill in Premilcuore

I’m going to a little medieval borough, called Premilcuore, but actually my final destination is an ancient mill, in the deep of the forest!

mountains, romagna, forlì, hills, appennino

A changed landscape!

romagna, park, forest, mountains, forlì











Mengozzi ancient Mill is almost the only one remained in this area, but once there were many of them! When the weather is good you just need a little walk to get there but today snow is making everything difficult.
These are some of the landscapes you can see going there!

mountains, forlì, romagna, appennino

And the river flows!

romagna, mountains, appennino, forlì

Arriving at the Mill!










From Premilcuore go about 5 kilometers after the center and you will find a clear indication for Fiumicello. Take this road and go 2 kilometers till you arrive to a restaurant. Leave your car and follow the yellow signboard!
And this is the Mill! It is still working to show people how it was in the old days. Mr Mengozzi is available to tell you the story of the building and show you how you can obtain the flour from different seeds!

romagna, mountain, hills, forlì

The Mengozzi Mill!One of the ancient stones that worked in the mill!

mountain, forlì, romagna









mountain, romagna, forlì

The clock of the mill!


Snow gave me a hard time to climb the stairs behind the mill to take some photos, but it was a very unique way to hear the sounds of forest and see it in a different way!

On the way back you can find amazing and hidden things, like for example this ancient roman bridge who goes to a little group of houses from where you can see a canyon made by the Rabbi River!

romagna, roma, forlì romagna, roma, forlì, river

What I did not expected to find here! 


Time to return home, but wondering how many things do we miss to know nearby! Enjoy!



Writer and Travel Blogger. Strolls around Romagna with her little sheep. Curious about life and history!

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