Woke up at 2 pm, this morning, slept only a couple of hours but I was to anxious for this trip that I was not able to really close my eyes.
Outside it’s dark and cold. My flight leaves from Bergamo ( a very little town in the North of Italy), but I decided to take the train instead of driving, avoiding a long journey in the fog of the morning.
Bologna railway station is crowded as during the day, probably most of the people slept here. But there’s no time to observe this colourful society, it’s time to take my train. Thank God, everything is ok and at 7am I am in Milan.
Yesterday I’ve found a very useful service offered by Terravision: a comfortable bus takes you from Milan Central Railway Station to Bergamo Airport in just one hour!
A long queue for the check in and the same to security check, but still have the time to eat a wonderful Cornetto. This time my luggage was perfect, a very organised little trolley where only essential things found their place. Watch the Video!
Berlino 2013 009
Marco of NonSoloTuristi was already there. We will fly together!


Me and Marco just arrived!

And this is Schoenefeld Airport!


The Airport

With Marco and a friend we took the S9 to go to Alexanderplatz, and then we left! This is my home in Berlin for the next 5 days! Now I’m a Berliner too!



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