This post is the first one not written by me. I opened the space of 21grammy to Claire Hastwell of Timeblend with whom I share a lot of things, first of all the philosophy of travelling and writing. We both love stories to tell, people and places. Enjoy!


The irony of solo travel is that rarely is it an entirely lone experience.  Independent travellers may start an adventure without a companion, but will inevitably cross paths with other travellers and make friends along the way. At the end of the day, we’re social beings and the best experiences are those that are shared.  Here are our first 4 tips from Claire at timeBlend, for meeting people while travelling

1. Join a small group tour:

Sign up for a city walking tour or a pub crawl in the city you’re visiting. Tours generally go for a couple of hours, so you’ll have much opportunity to chat with other people on the tour, muse over the sites and share drinks together.

2. Travel the long way around:

Unlike the rigid seating on an airplane, riding the train or bus places you in an enclosed environment with groups of travellers. Buses and trains are also a slower way to travel, so you’ll be bunked up with your fellow travellers for a longer haul. Chatter about the picturesque journey, your next destination or solving a tricky Sudoku game, is inevitable.

Slow travel_train

3. Join a social travel network:

Go online to meet other travellers on a social networking site like, which is solely for travellers. allows you to post up your trip plans for other travellers to see and join in. You can connect with travellers in different locations and meet like-minded people who share a similar appetite for travel.

4. Dine smart:

Choose restaurants that invite conversations with strangers. Visit sushi bars where you’ll be seated between people you don’t know, choose restaurants with a communal table, or head to a gastropub and order food sitting up at the bar. Pubs and bars have a convivial atmosphere and people are likely to chat to you in the social environment.

people dining together


Looking to talk and meet with other like-minded travellers? Join our travel community at.



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  1. Inma, A World to Travel    

    And stay in hostels!!!!
    In my opinion, best tip for meeting like-minded people and have a blast!

    Congrats on the redesign Alessandra! 21grammy is looking great!
    Inma, A World to Travel pubblicati di recente…IberiaMayors Lisbon Video GuideMy Profile

    1. Alessandra    

      Hi Inma, thanks for passing by:)) Yes Hostels are great places to stay, sometimes without your own privacy, so it’s a mix of different things. Happy you like the new style:)) Still something to fix, but I think I did a step forward:))

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