Dublin: the art of entertaining

The chance to visit this town came as usual from the Tbex blogger meeting in October 2013. Never had a real interest about this town, apart from a couple of things: the books of Roddy Doyle, which I adore, the film The Commitments and its soundtrack and my beloved Guinness (you may know that world is divided into the Guinness lovers and the Ceres lovers!).

And, as a matter of fact, I did not know what to expect! The first impression came from Jamie, my Airbnb host. We wrote each other a lot to fix things before my arrival. I knew he would not have been there, but, surprise, his stepfather was waiting for me: a nice, welcoming angel who received me as I was an old friend, not only giving me the basic info to stay but also showing me some “must see” things in Dublin and letting me have the pass to enter the Old Library and the Kells Exhibition as a blogger.

An easy town to live: Dublin

Dublin is an easy town: everything is well organized and easy to access, people are warm and ready to share with you their fun time, since it is a very young city, very concrete, where business is something that happens abruptly, no matter if you are a student without any strong experience.

The general idea that tourists have of Dublin may be very much obvious, sometimes: the Trinity College, the green parks, Guinness shop.

But what really amazed me was the colorful and lively things happening in the street, even with a rainy weather, almost all the time! A mix of history, traditions, modern and old shops, culture, philosophy and sense of humor. And this was the reason why this smiling town became “my home” in a couple of hours after my arrival.

If you visit Dublin, take your time to walk the streets without a real goal: people, artists, musicians will show you the real town!

This feeling was as strong as the mix of different things I saw during the days, so as to make me think to let the town tell herself through the photos I took.

Disclaimer: Thanks to TbexDublin and to TourIreland for giving me the chance to visit the town.



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