Hemingway used to live in a parted house near the Havana, Cuba; Jack Kerouac, used to travel in secluded parts of the world with his Moleskine; I go to Casa Marola. Well, I do not want to create any parallelism between me and those two monsters of international literature, but if you are a travel writer, this is the perfect place for you.

casa marola b&b gabicce monte

Casa Marola, an old fisherman house in Gabicce Monte

Discovering new places always thrills me and this is exactly what happened when I first met Stefano Cecchini during the Romagnabuonvivere blog tour. He is a fisherman and like most of them, he is a pragmatic man, strongly stick to the hard reality of things but with a romantic sense of life. He helped me to organize the fishing boat trip for the bloggers (linkare al post quando ci sarà) and in one of our long chats he told about his house.

borgo di gabicce monte
Where the hell is Gabicce Monte? For me it was simply a geographic reference point between two regions: Emilia Romagna and le Marche. Gabicce was the first village of le Marche.

gabicce monte borgo
The chance came during the TTG in Rimini. Stefano was so kind to invite me to stay in the house along the three days.
Like all the beautiful things in my life, also Casa Marola has a nice history. Stefano’s grandfather was a fisherman, like many others in the village, and he lived here. Marola was his nickname, he inherited it from his father who was a sea military officer at Marola, a borough in Liguria. And since he always used to talk about this place, people (as common as it is here) started to call him Marola.
That is why Stefano, honoring his family, called the house Casa Marola.

monte san bartolo regional natural park marche

landscape from casa marola marche

The house is in the top of Gabicce Monte. Waking up here is enjoying the peaceful and slowly timing of nature: on one side you see the Romagna coast with Cattolica, until Cesenatico; on the other side you see the National Park of San Bartolo, a natural reserve, one of the hugest of le Marche.

Living like in a Greek island: timeless, old times atmosphere

Here the silence is an everlasting element, even in the Summer when the noise and the crazy rush of the coast down in the beaches wastes your nights. Light comes naturally from the nice windows that are on the front, letting you be welcomed by the rising sun in the morning. The house is really huge: a dining room, a kitchen, a living room and two bedrooms.

inside casa marola b&b

inside casa marola b&b

inside casa marola b&b marche

The perfect “buen retiro” for those who are in love with the sea but not with the crowd.
This is my paradise and hope it will become yours, too!




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