Is architecture a communication tool for the Regimes during the ages? Do you consider Colosseum in Rome just a wonderful monument or a symbol that reflects the philosophy, the ideas and the concept of State of those who built it? For sure you may not consider it a center of power and a place to neglect just because people (slaves, political opponents and christians) and animals were easily killed, simply by showing the thumbs down.

The Big question that in these years arised about the monuments built during the fascist Regimes in Europe in the 20 years from the ’20s to the ’40s, still stands alive, especially in those countries, such as Italy, where people suffered a lot during the war and even after 70 years, consider those buildings a hard and painful memory of that period.

But from a strictly architectural point of view, these are an exceptional example of the work of some architects who, notwithstanding the war, invented new ways of using poor materials and new concepts to project the towns.

The European Council has recently create a new route, called Atrium, dedicated to explore the rationalist architecture in more than 8 countries in Europe.

Well, what is the real deal for me? I have the luck to live in the town which is the capital of this route, Forlì, and this post is dedicated to my tour around the rationalist buildings you can see and visit in the area. Photos were taken by me but also by other bloggers who were here last october. Thanks to all of you, guys!

Photos by Alessandra Catania, Udo Weisner, Inma Gregorio, Anita Breland.

If you want to read more about, this is one of the posts I recently wrote, Forlì and the myth of Icarus!

This post is part of Instagram Travel Thursday. More info here. Also check out some of the organizers: Destination Unknown, Skimbaco Lifestyle and House of Anaïs.



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    1. Alessandra    

      Thanks for passing by Katja! I had more shots and Tom Fakler, the husband of Anita did wonderful shots but unluckily not on Instagram:)

  1. YashY    

    I’m a sucker for the architecture when we travel too..
    YashY pubblicati di recente…Downtown Toronto PlaygroundsMy Profile

    1. Alessandra    

      Hi there, I’m planning to do an event later this year, but I will tell you more later after:) And by the way, thanks for passing by!

  2. Satu VW / Destination Unknown    

    Welcome to Instagram Travel Thursday and I am SO sorry I never got to give you the advice you needed in reply to your email… However, it looks like you got it right anyway! Love these images, there’s so much to discover in Italy.
    Satu VW / Destination Unknown pubblicati di recente…The many returns – over ten years of Italian village life revisitedMy Profile

    1. Alessandra    

      Yes, and it was so easy, what I had to fix actually was the plugin and then everything worked immediately. It’s a real fun! You are welcome to come back any time:)

  3. reeta @houseofanais    

    I like architecture and details and thus love reading this post. You all captured some great images on this trip. Atrium is a novelty for me so I am definitely going to check that out ASAP!
    reeta @houseofanais pubblicati di recente…vibrant andalucian coastal town malaga in spainMy Profile

    1. Alessandra    

      Hi Reeta, it was a long work, actually not for me, but for my Municipality. They started three years ago and now the route is on:)) If you want more details, just let me know:)

  4. Leigh Powell Hines    

    This is such a fascinating post. Thanks for sharing.
    Leigh Powell Hines pubblicati di recente…A Traveler’s Look at the Primland Resort in Meadows of Dan, VaMy Profile

    1. Alessandra    

      Thanks Leigh, I was not sure about it, since this kind of architecture can sort a lot of discussions. But I decided anyway to post it. Next time I will have something more “tasty”, a foodie post:)

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