And here we are! The project I worked on for a long time is starting. My friend bloggers Teresa Keane and Catherine Sweeney with her co-blogger Randy, alias MrTws, are with me, going to the hills where we will stay for a while.

June is just perfect to visit Romagna: everything is green and fruit trees are starting to be pointed with red cherries, orange apricoats and red peaches. Even the olive trees are blooming. This morning we are going from Bologna, where I picked everyone up, to the hills of Tredozio and Modigliana, two very little but charming villages in the National park of Foreste Casentinesi.

One of the most amazing things I always live when I travel with people who have never visited Romagna, are their first impressions and the astonished faces just enjoying the landscapes, the colors they see and the inviting aspect of our traditional food. So it’s exactly what happened to Teresa, Cathy and Randy, my fellow bloggers of Romagna Diffusa, the blog tour sponsored by the Associazione Alberghi Diffusi.

Our first unofficial experience was in Modigliana, by Elsa, owner of this special place, Antichi Sapori, where her capable hands give to handmade pasta the taste of Romagna.



Elsa is a champion “sfoglina”, which is the name we use here to call ladies doing hand made pasta. And she works in her shop everyday. The place was supposed to be a traditional pasta shop but Elsa decided to fit it like a “trattoria”, with some nice tables where you can sit and eat, enjoying the food.

What a better chance for us to taste our first Romagna experience!

While I and Cathy were just resting and deciding what to eat (it was not so easy to translate all the local namens of the products! Maybe I need a new dictionary), Randy and Teresa disappeared in the kitchen where Elsa showed them their firts cooking lesson.

Look at the lovely video Teresa took there!

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Well, as you may imagine, seeing our “azdora” working for us was a real surprise, a tasty and amazing one! Even for me, as a local blogger. Something you can never imagine if you are not living the area as I do every day! So it was quite fun! Eating was great as well: pasta (passatelli) was garnished by a delicious vegetable sauce. Cathy ate a “crescione” which is like a “calzone” but the name recalls a fresh wild plant that women used to harvest in the country and used it to fill the “crescione” which took that name.


Modigliana, as many other little boroughs in Romagna, has plenty of things to see, so if you happen to come around, just stop here, not just to meet Elsa, but also to take a visit.

If you want to taste Elsa’s delicatessen, here’s the address of the shop: Via Don Giovanni Verità, 33 – 47015 Modigliana, Forlì, Italy.

Disclosure: This project was realized with the love and passion of the two Alberghi Diffusi in Romagna, Al Vecchio Convento and Le Case Antiche. My true thanks to the Cameli Family, Silvia Santolini, the Associazione Alberghi Diffusi and to the bloggers who shared with me this adventure, Catherine and Randy Sweeney of Traveling With Sweeney and Teresa Keane of Independent Travel Help.




Writer and Travel Blogger. Strolls around Romagna with her little sheep. Curious about life and history!


  1. Reiseblog    

    Gosh… that looks delicous! 🙂

    1. sheep21alessandra    

      Hi there, thanks for visiting the blog. Portico is really a nice place to start exploring the area and the food is gorgeous:)) Have a nice trip and write me back if you pass here. I will be glad to be your local buddy!

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