Have you ever tried to visit a destination without being forced to buy tickets for every place? It may be an annoying experience, especially if you must face long queues or if you simply do not have so much time to waste.

A handy simple tool that will allow you to visit 54 sites all over Romagna for free! No, it’s not a dream, this is the reality of Romagna Visit Card, a project that since 2010 networked the main cities of Romagna, creating a circuit.

Romagna visit card: the real passpartout for culture

For a local blogger like me, it can be weird to think as a tourist. Most of the times we have free entrance or discounted conditions. But for a foreign visitor, it’s important to enjoy and share the most of experiences that he can, visiting Romagna, thorough the best conditions he may have.

The card is very simple to buy and also very cheap: 17 euros that will let you spare 260 euros. The Romagna Visit Card is a personal card must be purchased at a cost of 17 Euros compared to an overall saving of 260 euros calculated. Valid until January 6, 2018, you can visit the Romagna several times during the year (only condition: each site only once) can be exploited.

romagna visit card

How it works

The Card can be purchased in the entire network of the IAT and the tourist offices of Romagna and in some sites of interest, for a total of 74 selling points. You can also buy it on line, visiting the official website, where you can also see the complet list of the interest site you can enter for free or with a discount.

The card must be activated on line or by sending an SMS to a specified phone number (even for users with mobile phone abroad), following the instructions.

If you have children, you can have a special card, “Just4Kids”, reserved to children up to 8 years: every two cards purchased, you will be entitled (on request) to a card for the little ones, with which they can access free, with an increased advantage and discount.

So what are you waiting for? Romagna is ready to open its hidden gems. Just enjoy!

Info and details

If you want to have the complete list of the free entrance sites, please visit



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