Can you imagine to enter a little museum, in a little town and hear the beautiful music of Miles Davis, see the guitar of Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, admire the golden record of Michael Jackson? Well, I was really surprised by that too! My visit in Sogliano had a very different aim as I told in another post, but, as usual while I’m travelling up and down Romagna, I discovered lots of hidden histories and places to tell.

Sogliano, cesena, romagna, musica

A cover of a Glenn Gould record!

sogliano, romagna, music

Golden grammy of Michael Jackson

bruce springsteen, sogliano, romagna

Bruce Springsteen guitar

This charming museum came out by Mr Roberto Parenti, who decided, as a young boy, to collect music, records, opera booklets and all the stuff he was able to find. This museum is almost unique in Italy and Europe since it collects memorabilia, records and documents of 120 years music history: about 45.000 records, hundreds of opera booklets, thousands of objects, instruments, engraving instruments and many other things.

sogliano, romagna. music

Let’s do rock!

sogliano, romagna, music

The Police in Sogliano!

sogliano, romagna, music

…and The Beatles!

sogliano, romagna, music

…and Elvis!

It’s really hard to tell you the emotions that each of the 6 rooms gave me, it was like passing from Traviata, to Miles Davis, to Elvis. Yes! Because each room has its music score and brings you to a kaleidoscope of different sensations. Six rooms that worth 20! Unfortunately I was not able to realise a podcast, but I will certainly do next time I go on visit!
The museum is also a place where you can study music or ask to hear something particular, just ask to Davide Parenti, the director, and he will help you! If you really want to visit an all over culture place, the record museum is the right one for you!

sogliano, cesena, romagna, music

The listening room!

Contact tips: the museum is at Palazzo della Cultura (Ripa-Marcosanti) piazza Garibaldi , 47030 Sogliano al Rubicone (FC).
Mob: 388.1667113, 338.8979725
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