A Theatre to taste food, isn’t that weird? Well, not too much, Teatro Verdi in Cesena is one of the most fascinating location of this little town, with a very rich cultural and social life. The Theatre, born in 1874, was called Garden Theatre and was a sort of dancing arena, as it was exactly in the main public garden of the town. The garden, is now a parc, near the main theatre, called Bonci Theatre (you guys will have to wait a bit to hear the story of this elegant piece of history). Someone thought it could be a good idea to use it for nightly events, and the theatre was covered. A big fire burned almost everything in the first years of the last century, till in 2002 a group of friends decided to restore it. Now is a multicultural center for events, disco, shows, cabaret, as well as a good restaurant.

Verdi Theatre Cesena Buonvivere 2012

Sorry for this long description, but if you happen to visit Cesena, have a nice night there, there is always something interesting to see. And even the Buonvivere Dinner (Learn to Love Yourself)  was a real event: four starry Michelin chefs accepted the challenge to prepare 4 healthy haute cuisine dishes, to explain the value of natural products prepared in a balanced way, helped by a specialist in nutrition. It was real hard for them to leave their beloved ingredients (“chianina” meat, butter, sauces, “Colonnata Lardo” and so on), choosing the wedding between sea and countryside, with poor products, coming from the popular tradition of Romagna. This is the menu, it is written in italian but I will try to translate it for you, forgive me, but I’m not very well in food english.

1) Spicy chickpeas puree and rosemary shrimps queue with little oven tomatoes

2) “Passatelli” with redfish sauce, “poveracce” and “pesto”

3) Slice of Sea bream with biologic ” polenta and cheese, “pavarazze” clams sauce and black olives

4) Green pear

And these are the photos but I can assure you the taste was really excellent. By the way, each of the four chefs has his own restaurant: Marco Cavallucci, La Frasca in Milano Marittima, Valentino Marcattili, San Domenico in Imola, Paolo Teverini in Bagno di Romagna, Sergio Canducci for the VolersiBene project.

Chickpeas puree, cesena, buonvivere, teatro verdi

buonvivere 2012, teatro verdi, cesena

After a glas of good red wine, this dish was the real deal!

This is not a post atomic pear, it’s a mint pear!

Do you want to know what was happening in the kitchen and what was the reaction of people there? Here you are!

Two friends at my table!

In the Kitchen

Happyness can also be tasty and healthy food. Question: Is it really easy to do “cuisine” in a proper and balanced way without a chef in our kitchen? Well, it is, just follow the recipes of Pellegrino Artusi (I will tell about him in a future post).

Guess what! Music was there too. Here are the Minor Swingers!

The Minor Swingers



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  1. Pat Camperlife    

    adoro i ristoranti che occupano sedi “anomale” chiese, teatri, conventi…sicuramente se capiterò a cesena mi ricorderò di questo indirizzo!

  2. Aemilius    

    È stata una serata stupenda, grazie mille per il bellissimo articolo

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