Buonvivere: wellbeing, wellness, good living. These are only some different words to define a lifestyle, a way of thinking, a way of working; a philosophical platform on which you can insert a lot of different concepts. And this is also the fil rouge that three years ago led the Cooperative League of Forlì, to organise this big event, or better events since we are talking about 130 events in one week, touching the very different aspects of wellbeing.

Buonvivere 2012

We are carrying future

I happend to follow this event in my home town and it was quite a surprise to find out it was so reach of things to do, to see e and to experiment, at list this week. The main slogan was the one you can read in the photo, translated goes like: “Fragile: We are carrying future”. One of the main interesting events was a so called Campus Cloud, led by Phil Taylor who is a very energetic and charismatic english guy, living in italy since 20 years but still speaking with a nice english accent.

Buon Vivere, Campus Cloud, Phil Taylor

The formula? Put 60 people who do not know each other and do not speak the same language, except having english as passpartout idiom, divide them into 7 groups and let them talk. The result is a huge basket of ideas and ready made solutions that every public administrator would like to posess. With an outline of work already well experienced during the 2011 edition of Buonvivere, participants identified a number of ideas which were later collected in 7 video interviews, two of which will be transmitted from the TV channel Legacoop. The proposals? So intuitive to be just as complex: the involvement of older people with young people, ideal to transfer the benefits brought by the new technologies and social media, the recovery of squares as a meeting place and cultural capital, to the city to live that goes to the its citizens and becomes less “scary”.

buonvivere campuscloud phil taylor

To help people during their work, some very good apples from Romagna and also the challenge to win the contest for the best video interview.

buon vivere campuscloud phil taylor

Apples, very good apples

buon vivere campus cloud phil taylor

And here are the winners! 



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  1. Aemilius    

    Nice article, Ale! Very well done!

  2. admin    

    Thank You Emilio, you are the second to leave a comment, hope you won’t be the last one. But it’s a long way to go:)

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