Rimini, Fellini, a circus and its director, Mr. Bottura: what could you expect if not something unique that makes you remember the dreamy atmosphere of your childhood, when everything was enchanting and the circus was a sort of huge and magic playroom.

Osteria Francescana by Massimo Bottura was recently nominated the best restaurant in the world, chosen between 50 other restaurants. And this is not a case. This is the methodic application of a cooking philosophy that starts from the old traditions, those which Mr Bottura learned from his grandmother.

rimini almeni 2016

“We walk and live alongside peasants, farmers and fishermen who are the real heroes Italian because we provide the world’s only raw materials. We are like the Renaissance workshops, said Mr. Bottura”

Almeni is a simple word taken by the Emilia Romagna dialect: a language that expresses the people traditions and way of living. It means “with the hands”; hands that work the fields of wheat in the summer and rule the herds in winter. Hands of the “azdore”, women who care about the family, cooking the meals every day and rolling the typical handmade pasta. Hands that bear the signs of work and efforts.

rimini almeni massimo bottura circus

These hands are those of chefs and producers that for two days have offered to the public the best of the international and Italian kitchen that honors the local products of their origin country.

Chefs pret-a-porter: from the restaurant to the truck street food

The circus of Almeni has its own acrobatic show. Living its backstage gives the idea of what happens in a haute cuisine restaurant: chefs, souchefs and the whole brigade concentrated on what it is needed, to get the best result: the harmony of tastes and aspect, that something that makes you feel like you are one of the lucky ones.

almeni rimini chef 2016

On stage 24 international and Italian chefs coming from all over the world: 24 masterpieces dishes created for this unique event for a personal storytelling of what cooking is. You may think this is an overused word but the history of a place also goes through the taste. The first impression that comes to your mind when you remember it.

rimini almeni 2016

But Almeni is something more: creativity may express in many ways. You do not need a white porcelain dish to present food. Food has its own dignity even when you taste it wrapped in a brown paper.

Sometimes the real challenge is reaching people with a simple “panino”, simple as it may seem but done with the same care and passion of a normal dish.

almeni rimini 2016

Hamburgher of shrimps and Tropea onion. Photo Credits Thomas Ciaffoni aka Tomtales

At Almeni street food and truck food have new frontiers: not only tasty and fast to be served but based on the traditional food. The partnership between Slow food and Almeni witnesses the importance of this new trend.

Strolling between tradition: the market of excellence

Before entering the huge circus, we dedicated our morning to visit the market, which was along the boulevard from Piazzale Fellini to the Big panoramic Eye of Rimini.

rimini 2016 almeni

Everyone proudly showing their products: the result of their passion and will. Wines, cheeses, bread, parmesan, balsamic vinegar, salami made with wild pork or local beef and cow, honey, cakes and many other. It was very interesting to speak with some of them: many of them have taken the family activity but most of them decided to leave their jobs and change their life to follow their idea.

Two days full of experiences to do, between food, the market and the nice open air shop of the artisans of Matrioska.

Now, let’s wait for 2017 edition!

Disclaimer: Thanks to Errica Dall’Ara (Press Office Turismo Rimini) for giving me the chance to be there as a blogger, Enrico Vignoli, for letting me stay on the stage and take the best shots, and to all the friends producers for always welcoming me in such a warm way.



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