Paddock’s life follows the rhythms of the fast wheels there, but not  only. Starting from crazy weather, in the morning, every one is looking up to the sky to understand what kind of tire to use, or just to feel and breath the mood of the race. Qualification tests are always a very delicate moment, and here in Misano the weather is very bad today.

Misano Marco Simoncelli Circuit

The most important italian circuit in Italy for motorcycle racing

Everyone knows that someone is missing: Marco flew away almost one year ago and it seems that even up there God is manifesting this with stormy clouds. But life is going on, new young pilots are here, bending as they did not know the gravity law, as the umbrella girls do waving on their 15th cm heels.

Paddock is a little world that moves around the world and every time changes, people change, events change, weather changes, but the welcoming atmosphere is always the same. If you happen to know by heart some team managers or pilot managers, you will find they have a natural attitude to be true and spontaneous and always ready to have some talks with you, even if they are working. I have the chance to know one of the most important team manager, Fausto Gresini, who made me begun a passionate of this sport, since I met him two years ago.

The team hospitality is a little home for the team’s people who find a little piece of Italy there, any part of the world they are. But it is also a place to meet people, to start new business and to find interesting persons: it may happen to find a famous swimmer, or the president of one of the leading societies in food and beverage or even a very famous english actor.

This time my day here was not so exciting because of the bad weather, but I was able to take some pictures in the box, some other you will find here was taken @Mugello Motogp in may 2012 and @Silverstone Motogp 2011. But it was a real pleasure to meet some of the guys there whom in these two years became friends and always welcome me with a big smile. Take a look and enjoy, next time it could happen to you!

Hospitality Sancarlo Honda Gresini Team Misano 2012

People and Umbrella Girls @SanCarloHondaGresini Team Misano 2012

Michele Pirro Moto 2 2011

Michele Pirro Box @Silverstone 2011

Niccolò Antonelli, SancarloHondaGresini Team Hospitality

Niccolò Antonelli, Moto 3 @SancarloHondaGresini Team Hospitality

Fausto Gresini @Mugello 2012 Pirro Box 



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